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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The Bloor Jane diner isn't exactly the biggest place you will ever enter, but as many of our customers will attest, it is very intimate. There are about 35 seats waiting for friends like you. There are booths, regular tables and the ever popular 50s style counter which seats about 7-8. The kitchen is totally open so if you sit on the counter you can be a witness to all the action that surrounds the grill.

When it comes to the food we serve at Bloor Jane you can expect to feast on nothing but a rich, fresh and quickly prepared meal. The coffee is great and very popular...we have been serving the same coffee brand for nearly 30 years. Coffee refills are FREE with every meal.

The staff at Bloor Jane are fantastic, extremely experienced and professional, they are very friendly and they go a long way in making your Bloor Jane dining experience a treat.

The breakfast specials aren't listed in the Diner's menu but they are very prominently displayed in the front window and the back wall.

The walls are covered with all sorts of mementos and pictures of the Maple Leafs, hockey, Johnny and the Stanley Cup, personalities who have visited Bloor Jane, horses etc. Johnny even included a number of Maple Leaf logos on the main sign above the front entrance of the he did it I don't know but it all goes back to promoting his lovable Maple Leafs.

As we have written previously, newspapers like the Sun are at the back of the Diner, near the dishwasher. If you want to go to the washroom, watch your head going down the stairs...the subway runs right under the Diner so ceiling space is a little limited.

We are very proud of our Diner and we welcome new and old friends alike.

There is nothing like the Diner Experience at Bloor Jane!!!

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Kaori said...

Nice blog, keep it up! I live in the neighbourhood and I love the restaurant. I wrote a short post on my blog about it: